Julie L. Lockwood, PhD
Department of Ecology, Evolution, and Natural Resources
14 College Farm Road
Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ 08901-8525
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Current Lab Members

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Laura Reynolds, PhD

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Laura studies how coastlines evolve in response to sea-level change, storm or tsunami inundation, and anthropogenic influences. She is particularly interested in the role of sediment dynamics and coastal armoring in coastal wetlands' response to sea level rise. Laura is funded by the Institute of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences (EOAS) at Rutgers.

laura.conners.reynolds (at)        Website


Chris Field, PhD

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Chris' research addresses the ecological and evolutionary response of coastal biodiversity to sea level rise in the context of conservation and management.  He is funded by the National Center for Soci-Environmental Analysis and Synthesis (SESYNC). 

cfield (at)          Website


Rafael Valentin, PhD

Post-doctoral Research Associate

Rafael's research addresses the influence of transport and release on post-establishment evolution; the lowering of detection thresholds for agricultural insect pests using eDNA; and the global invasion pathways of invasive species. Rafael is supported through a McIntire-Stennis Forestry Capacity grant.

raf.e.valentin (at)   Website


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Kathleen Kyle

PhD student

Kathleen's research interests lie in the use of environmental DNA (eDNA) surveys for the monitoring and surveillence of insect pests within agricultural and forested ecosystems. 

kek154 (at)


PhD Candidate

Jeff is interested in the effectiveness and function of protected areas. He studies birds and arthropods to investigate how various factors (size, levels of light pollution, adjacent land use) impact the species that utilize protected areas. His research goal is to shape best practices for the creation and maintenance of conservation land.

ji3rown (at)        Website


PhD Candidate

Alex's work aims to bridge the gap between ecology, culture, and policy formation. Currently, her research interests include bio-cultural homogenization, marine mammal conservation and ecosystem-based fisheries management.

alexandrea.safiq (at)    Website

Rob Crystal-Ornelas

PhD Candidate

Rob's research addresses measurement of the impacts of invasive species using species distribution models and meta-analysis.

robcrystalornelas (at)


Mike Allen

PhD Candidate

Mike studies the connections between agricultural practices, ecology, and conservation. His research integrates economic, ecological, and climate data to better understand the population dynamics of grassland birds and looks for leverage points for their conservation in agro-ecosystems.

michael.allen (at) Website



Oliver Stringham, PHD

Post-doctoral Research Associate, University of Adelaide, AUS


Kevin Aagaard, PhD

Spatial Ecologist, Colorado Parks and Wildlife, Fort Collins, CO


Julian Avery, PhD

Assistant Research Professor in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation
Ecosystem Science and Management, Penn State University, PA



Ben BaIser, PhD

Assistant Professor, Department of Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, University of Florida, FL


Curtis Burkhalter, PHD

Data Analyst, Mercedes-Benz USA, Jacksonville, FL

Founder, Shearwater Analytics

David La Puma, PhD

Director, New Jersey Audubon's Cape May Bird Observatory, NJ

blake Mathys, phd

Associate Professor of Environmental Science at Ohio Dominican University, OH


Alison Seigel Nurok, PhD

Assistant Laboratory Professor in Biology, Middlebury College, VT



Liba Pejchar, Phd

Associate Professor, Department of Fish, Wildlife and Conservation Biology, Colorado State University, CO



Orin J. Robinson Jr., PhD

Postdoctoral Associate, Cornell Lab of Ornithology, NY


tom virzi, phd

Executive Director, Research Ecologist, Conservation InSight, OR


Former Postdocs

Dustin headshot.png

Dustin Welbourne, PHD

Post-doctoral research associate, University of Florida.   


Rebecca Boulton, PhD

Founder 'RLB Ecology' , AUS

phillip cassey, phd

Associate Professor in the School of Biological Sciences, The University of Adelaide, AUS


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Lecturer in Ecology, School of Environmental
Sciences, University of East Anglia, UK